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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New Year !

We hope everyone had a great Christmas, and wish everyone a great New Years !


Lane Duncan has been doing research for his LEGO project. Lane is a member of the Patriot Engineering Team from George H.W. Bush elementary in Addison, Texas. His team will be entering a LEGO competition, and has been collecting information and photos from the Enloe museum exhibits. His team will complete a project, the subject of which is snack foods made from grain, and will use photos and information from the corn planting and grinding exhibits from the museum in their presentation.

Lane and the PET team will also be completing LEGO models of structures, using photos and a computer program to convert the pictures to pixels. From the pixel graph, the team will construct matching models from the appropriate LEGO bricks. The team will be using photos of Enloe, past and present, for some of the entries and will be displaying the models at the museum once the competitions are completed.

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