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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Clara Foster Slough Museum of Enloe Video Library Brings History To The Big Screen

The Clara Foster Slough Museum of Enloe has initiated a video library project, which will help to bring Enloe area history to the big screen !  As big of a screen as you might own, anyway !  The museum staff are in the process of constructing a video library, available for viewing on YouTube. 

The video library link can always be found on this blog page, on the right hand side.  Check out this link for a preview:  Enloe Video Library 

The video page will have several playlists, to help group the videos for searching.  One of the first playlists to have videos posted for viewing, will be a collection of older videos from Paris Drag Strip.  A collection of VHS and camera cassette tapes, has been converted to DVD and loaded for internet access, that where filmed during the 1980's and 1990's.  The films feature area racers from across several states, including many from the Delta County area.

Another video collection that will be a featured playlist, will be for Enloe Museum Interviews.  This playlist will be for interviews conducted with area guests and personalities.  We hope to grow this collection, for area families and friends, to record some of their history in person.

The museum staff hopes to be able to incorporate the video library, into further sharing Delta County and surround area history. 

If you have video, that you think would be of interest and that you would like to share with the museum, please bring to the Clara Foster Slough Museum in Enloe !  We will try to convert any video types, to a format that we can load and share via the museum 'youtube' page.  If you would like to arrange for a video interview, please contact Richard Duncan at (903)784-8114. 

While the Enloe Museum is proud to house a great genealogy library, with records, photos and documents,  the video recordings of area story tellers is an even better way to share some history !

Let us know any ideas or contributions that you might share !!! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Enloe Museum Military Exhibit Takes Shape

Little by little, the Enloe Museum Military Exhibit project is nearing completion, at the Clara Foster Slough Museum in Enloe !  Hour by hour, Richard Duncan has extended the floor plan of the museum building, and expanded the capacity to house a dedicated area for military artifacts.

As the final touches are applied to the interior structure, and the current military artifacts find their way to their dedicated area, new items will be added that have previously not had exhibit space.  The expansion will also free up valuable space, for a more efficient use of the genealogy center.

If you have any military artifacts that you would like to have displayed at the Clara Foster Slough Museum, please drop by and consider sharing your memorabilia.  Items can be donated, or simply registered as a display on loan to the museum. 

An opening event is being scheduled to be held in conjunction with the annual Enloe Homecoming on September 3rd, 2017.   Please plan on attending both events !  Drop by anytime, to check out the progress on the exciting new addition to the Clara Foster Slough Museum !