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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Delta County School of Kensing Quilt Project on Display at Enloe Museum

The Clara Foster Slough Museum staff are extremely proud to have on display, a quilt from Nell Cooper Jeter and her second grade class.  The quilt was a project, from students at the Delta County School of Kensing, and is believed to have been constructed in around 1920.  The quilt is in amazing condition, and features original artwork of the students in Ms. Jeter's class.  The artwork also exhibits the names of the students, and research is underway to identify the individuals and families of these students who worked to construct such an amazing quilt !

Stop by to visit the Enloe Museum, and take a look at the most recent exhibit additions !

Monday, May 12, 2014

Peters Colony Historical Society Provides Elm Fork Echoes

The Peters Colony Historical Society group has recently announced the release of a limited supply of Elm Fork Echoes publications.  The group has inventoried a collection of issues, and will release some of the sets to selected area groups.  The Clara Foster Slough Museum is excited to have been able to make arrangements for a complete set of the publications, to be provided to the museum in Enloe !

Lane Duncan was also presented with two publications, by author Paul Kramer, a member of the Peters Colony Historical Society.  Kramer has completed 'The Providential History of the State of Texas' and 'The Providential History of Carrollton/Farmers Branch', and provided autographed copies of each to be added to the Enloe Museum library collection.

The Elm Fork Echoes contain a variety of historical information, including interviews and tales from area families.  We are excited to be able to archive and share the incredible amount of first hand information, recorded in each of these issues.

Learn more about the Peters Colony Historical Society, at

Lane Duncan and author Paul Kramer at the Peters Colony Historical Society meeting.

Lane Duncan with copies of 'The Providential History of the State of Texas' and 'The Providential History of Carrollton/Farmers Branch'.  The books were presented to Lane, by author Paul Kramer, as additions to the Enloe Museum library collection.