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Monday, March 14, 2016

Enloe Museum Expansion Work Continues With New Exhibits

The Clara Foster Slough Museum in Enloe continues construction of the military expansion, at the rear of the museum.  Delta County artifacts are incorporated into the construction, and will include Sulphur River bridge timbers, Enloe bricks, railroad timbers, and WWII era meat packing equipment.  Stop by and check out the progress !

 New exhibits continue to arrive for display.  Both military and area artifacts are donated for sharing with museum guests.  Recent artifacts include the first television set known in Enloe, courtesy of Larry Whitlock.  The TV from the home of Leon and Mary Carter Slough, still works !! 

Another interesting artifact, is the flashlight of Lane Young.  The light was found inside an interior wall of the Young residence during a remodel, and contained Eveready batteries dated APR 1941 !!  After installing fresh batteries, the flashlight functions as new !

Stop by and check out the Enloe Museum exhibits, and visit with the staff on ongoing projects !

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