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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Enloe Museum Bricks

The Clara Foster Slough Museum has declared 2014, the year of the brick !  The museum has cleaned and stockpiled bricks, to create front and side walls for the museum.  The rear expansion is also incorporating brick into the flooring.  The real showcase of bricks, will be the front walkway !  We need to complete the front walkway with the memorial and contributor brick.  There exists a limited number of brick spaces, for the front walkway, for personalized brick to be installed.  These have been a great fund raiser for the museum, as well as an awesome way to recognize people, families, groups, and companies, that are and have been important to Enloe.  Please consider ordering a brick, to support the museum, and especially, to remind those who enter and walk the sidewalk, of those who are a part of the history of Enloe !

Lane Duncan tends to a few weeds on the Enloe Museum walkway.

Clara Foster Slough Museum sidewalk bricks will be a focus for 2014 projects.

The sidewalk bricks provided for the Clara Foster Slough Museum by generous contributors.

Lane Duncan plans to learn about laying brick in 2014, at the Clara Foster Slough Museum.

Basically, this is how it works:

To purchase a brick, provide the engraving you would like to have etched into the brick.
Use a maximum of three lines, with a maximum of 18 letters per line, in your design.
Send us your requested lettering for the brick to:

ENLOE, TX 75441

With your request, please submit a check, money order, cashiers check, or some form of barter, for the amount of $ 50.00

We appreciate each and every brick requested, and recognize the importance of each contributor in this program.

For more information on ordering brick, contact the Clara Foster Slough Museum at

* Also, we plan to salute, each and every brick donor, memorial, or sponsor, via our FaceBook page.  The salute can be on a birthday, anniversary, or any special day.  We may choose these at random, or if you would like to provide a requested date of remembrance, please include.  Any interesting detail or story, should be included with your brick purchase, as this will be recorded in the museum, and used for future references to your brick.  Thank you for your considerations, donations, and interest in our museum !