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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

North Sulphur River Geodes

The North Sulphur River is a pretty well known river bed to  most of those from the Enloe vicinity, but not everyone is as familiar with some of the geological treasures that the river bed can hold.  From sharks teeth to arrowheads, from fossils to exogyra shells, the channel gravel floor of the Sulphur River can contain many interesting finds, to those who might take the time to explore.  Lane Duncan has been collecting such fossils and finds for several years, as he explores the river bed with his knowledgeable guide, Richard Duncan.

Lane has recently been tasked, as a first grade student and member of the Gifted and Talented Program at Bush Elementary, with a research project on geodes.  Geodes are the somewhat round shaped stones, with a hollow center chamber containing crystals, that can sometimes be found in limestone formations and volcanic deposits.  The North Sulphur River happens to be a source for these geodes, and Lane has constructed a display using some of the artifacts discovered in the North Sulphur River floor.  His completed project will be on display at Bush Elementary in May, and will be a feature exhibit for the PTA meeting and Science Fair on May 17 in Dallas.

Once the school program is finished, this project exhibit will be provided to the Clara Foster Slough Museum in Enloe for display, along with the research materials used in the study.  The study not only documents the North Sulphur River and the geodes discovered there, but also mentions the Clara Foster Slough Museum as a source of information for historical data in the area.

George H.W. Bush Elementary Gifted and Talented Fair

Lane Duncan and GT Coordinator Carolina Pineiro, discuss North Sulphur River geodes at the George H.W. Bush Elementary Gifted and Talented Fair.

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