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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ENLOE MUSEUM NEWS: New Exhibit Pieces on Display, Museum on the Map and on facebook

The Enloe Museum has recieved a few new editions to the growing collection of items on display.  Among those, are two saddles.  A GH Vaught saddle, used by Roy Lee Jackson, was  purchased from the BB Viles store in Enloe around 1956.

A side saddle, used by Minnie Huie Jackson, is also featured.  This saddle is one which received repairs at the B Gilliam Shoe and Saddle Shop in Enloe.

Also new to the collection, is the straw doll which was once treasured by Iler Lavay Gillean, while growing up in the Milam community in the early 1900's.

A display has been added featuring books and materials donated by Nancy Whitaker Blount.

***************BREAKING NEWS**********************


The Enloe Museum has been accepted and registered  with the GNIS database, and can now be found on the map!  While no celebration is planned for this historic occsasion, it can now be claimed that the museum is on the map :)


Name:Clara Foster Slough Museum
Class:Building (Definitions)
Citation:Clara Foster Slough Museum in Enloe.
Address:218 Lexie Street
Coordinates (One point per USGS topographic map containing the feature, NAD83)
SequenceLatitude(DEC)Longitude(DEC)Latitude(DMS)Longitude(DMS)Map Name
133.4331179-95.6580663332559N0953929WCooper North
*************BREAKING NEWS*****************

The Enloe Museum is now on facebook !!   The museum has launched a facebook page, which will be updated with the latest museum news and allow followers a forum for communication.  Please, if you are a facebook member, 'like' the Enloe Museum and feel free to contribute to the site in any way you can !   Look to the Enloe Museum blogspot page for special announcements and news as usual, and visit the facebook page for comments and conversation !

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